Design and build solutions, installations and ongoing maintenance

The challenge the planet is facing with climate change and the related water challenges has become a daily topic of conversation as well as concern for many of us. South Africa is at the forefront of acknowledging and taking action to address the serious challenge we all face on the subject of Water Security. We are available to share our experiences with you of our many client experiences of consulting, analysis of business risks and recommending various options and solutions to build your business sustainability for potable water or RO Solutions.

Our Pure Care consulting services are able to evaluate your specific requirements and how they address your particular needs. All of our solutions are engineered on the basis of simplicity of operation but more importantly on the sustainability and flexibility to ensure reliability in the field. We offer all aspects of Design, Project Management and Installation of solutions as well as ongoing support

Potable Water Systems

PURE CARE offers potable water solutions to suit the customer’s needs. We provide customised solutions as well as standard options.


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The potable systems are constructed in modular form to provide drinking water from Rivers, Dams, Streams, Wells and Boreholes. The filtrated water may be preserved for consumption for up to 2 years.

Potable water systems

  • Trailered system providing up to 1000 l per hour

    Trailer Mount Features include
    • Automated clarifier dump
    • Automated Sand filter flush
    • Automated Ultra filter flush
    • Inline PH control and measurement
    • Built in jacks and level indicators
    • Automated pump control for speed and pressure
    • 2g per hour ozone generator
    • Clean water back flush system system on Ultra filter
    • Water preservation dosing
    • Dry weight approximately 600Kg
    • Operational weight approximately 1800Kg
    • Power Requirements 220V single phase 2100W
  • purification_diagram