Potable Water Systems

PURE CARE offers potable water solutions to suit the customer’s needs. We provide customised solutions as well as standard options. The design is based on a modular for ranging from 500 litres per hour to over 50 000 litres per hour, in two varieties, either MOBILE or STATIC.

Solutions are either standard or customized to meet customer’s expectation.

Our potable systems are constructed in modular form to provide clean drinking water from multiple fresh water sources. Our drinking water may be safely stored for up to 24 months.

Mobile Trailer mounted features:

Water separator Automated clean up of UF and filters In-line PH control and measurement Built in levelling Automated pump control for speed and pressure Carbon Processing Ozone generator Clean water back flush system on the Ultra filter Water preservative dosing Operational weight approximately 1800kg Power Requirements 220v single phase 2100W

Fixed Modular Concepts:

Our modular systems allow for customization from 4000 - 25 000 litres per hour. Chlorine sanitization is an option Water Preservation with Aqua Salveo ensures safe drinking water for up to 2 years Solar renewable energy or generated power sources are available Telemetry options are available for system status monitoring and management. Water storage options customized to location and specific requirements


    • Automated clarifier dump
    • Automated Sand filter flush
    • Automated Ultra filter flush
    • Inline PH control and measurement
    • Built in jacks and level indicators
    • Automated pump control for speed and pressure
    • 2g per hour ozone generator
    • Clean water back flush system on Ultra filter
    • Water preservation dosing
    • Dry weight approximately 600Kg
    • Operational weight approximately 1800Kg

Power Requirements 220V single phase 2100W