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Pure Care is a dynamic and holistic Water Management Company that focuses on 7 key pillars of Water Security and Management ranging from national Water Act Regulations to Water Treatment Plants customised to specific needs.

Our Services

We provide the service to analyse the cost of water from the local municipal and determine average usage consumption over a period of the previous 12 months.

We check the number of supply water meters into the property from the local council. We analyse the tariffs charged from local council for both water usage and sewerage discharge.

We develop a proper business case that demonstrates an effective Return on Investment over a period. We also provide a service to track the performance of the Business Case post Water Treatment Plant commissioning.

We provide a service to calculate the cost of no water supply during outages plus a review of leak repairs/impact of load shedding to the continuous supply of water.

We provide the services to complete the multiple reporting requirements regarding the issued Water Use License which needs to be completed twice annually and submitted to DWAS. This includes the important requirement to measure water volumes extracted from surface and ground sources to ensure that extracted volumes permitted as per the Water Use License are not exceeded.

We provide the services that are required to test the water quality both for water extracted and well as water processed through a Water Treatment Plant- as per the General Water Use License requirements as well as SANS 241 standards for potable consumption.

We provide a service to measure the water usage at the lowest possible level on an affected property and the relevant data analysis to drive water usage improvement.

We provide a service to measure water extracted from surface and ground sources and to manage the extraction to ensure the annual permissible extraction volumes are not exceeded.

This requires management of all usages of water on a specified property(s) which typically covers irrigation and normal potable consumption for multiple applications.

We provide a service to measure usage at the lowest possible level of consumption and to set targets to drive greater water usage efficiency. We call it being Water Smart.

We provide a service to assess the total water management system on a property and assess the single points of failure that could prevent supply of water to the designated end user or specified application including fire protection services .

We advise on the security required for any water treatment system that could be prone to natural disaster factors as well as planned or unplanned breakdowns including intended sabotage.

We provide a service to teach all stakeholders on a property(s) the value of water and the responsible manner which water should be utilised.

We provide inputs on improved usage efficiency methods and generally how to be Water Smart.

We provide a service on the advanced learnings regarding the Science of Water to understand the composition of water.

A General Water Use License is required from the Department of Water and Sanitation if more than 10 000 litres per day is extracted from a surface/ ground source (non-municipal supply) per Erf (s) with a single ownership structure. Pure Care provides the consulting services to apply for the application for a license that on average takes 12 -18 months to complete. There are multiple phases of application with key components as follows:

1. A comprehensive hydrological survey of the property covering the extracted water area as well as surrounding properties. Survey report must be completed by a qualified geohydrologist.

2. A public participation process whereby all neighbouring properties must be contacted and informed on the intent to apply for the Water Use License.

3. Complete multiple data point recording of the erven involved as well as the extraction device details for surface and ground water sources.

4. A transformation statement that covers the benefit to all stakeholders of the property(s) applying for the Water Use license.

We provide a service to measure volumes extracted over 6 months from alternate sources (surface and ground). We also provide the service to get the source water quality tested. Both these elements, plus water demand, are critical for the design of a Water Treatment Plant.

We design a Water Treatment Plant along with the housing requirement, water storage specifications and all the infrastructure to connect supply to Plant and Plant to potable reticulation system. (assuming demand is for potable purposes).

We offer the full integrated services package (turnkey) as the prime contractor to the Client for all activities in a complete Water Treatment Plant system.

We build the Water Treatment Plant and ensure that it fulfils the fundamental brief to provide potable water as per SANS 241 standards.

We provide the monthly services that are required to service the Water Treatment system along with chemical replenishment and water quality testing protocols.

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