About Us​

Pure Care is a dynamic and holistic Water Management Company that focuses on 7 key pillars of Water Security and Management ranging from national Water Act regulations to Water Treatment plants customised to specific needs.

We pride ourselves in offering a fully integrated set of water management services that includes regulation and related compliance, sourcing of supply and treatment, security of water supply and demand, and a financial business case. We focus all stakeholders on the value of water and its effective use by assisting them to be WATER SMART.

Our team of professionals have been involved in Water Processing and Management across many industries for the past 30 years. We treat over 2 billion litres of water at some 200 sites throughout South Africa and a good number of other African countries.

Our ability is to find solutions for any water security and management challenge in all regions in which we operate that are valued by our customers.

Why Choose Us

1. We focus on 7 pillars of Water Management being Regulation, Compliance, Security, Usage, Water Treatment, Financial and the Value of Water education.

2. Our quality control is ISO compliant for our locally manufactured water treatment products.

3. Water is for life, and we are committed to our clients for a lifetime.

4. We design and deliver a fully integrated set of water security and management services.

5. We have a national footprint of technicians and project management professionals designing and installing water treatment operations. We service over 200 sites across South Africa and a good number of other African countries.

6. Servicing the Health Industry for the past 30 years has ingrained in our DNA the importance of regulatory compliance and water quality standards.

Let us help you!