Herschel Girls

This water treatment plant was designed and installed in 2018 to treat borehole water to SANS 241 potable standard for the Junior school. The system was upscaled in 2019 to increase the capacity to supply treated water to the senior school as well. This water is also used for irrigation and topping up swimming pools.

About the Water Treatment System

The system was designed based on the boreholes water results and client requirements. The filtration system is made up of media filtration, micron filtration, water softener, chlorine dosing and UV steriliser. The system is fully automated with municipal backup if required. Pure Care takes monthly samples for testing.

Benefits and ROI

The school uses all the available treated borehole water to reduce the reliance on municipal usage. ROI Summary Calculated based on the water usage and municipal tariffs. ROI estimated to be achieved within 36 months.