St Alban's College

The client requested Pure Care to build a water treatment system in 2023 that will cater for the school and boarding house requirements. Pure Care proposed a treatment plant that will supply sufficient daily water as per client requirements and also meet SANS 241 standards for potable water.

About the Water Treatment System

The system was designed based on water sample results to process enough water that the boreholes can produce. The filtration system comprises hydrogen peroxide, media filtration, micron filtration, water softener, chlorine & pH dosing, and UV sterilizer. The system is fully automated. Pure Care takes monthly samples for testing. The project included laying concrete foundations, a prefab housing unit, and a 240,000L storage tank.

Benefits and ROI

The college uses all the available treated borehole water to reduce the reliance on municipal usage. ROI is estimated to be achieved within 36 months.