St Mary's School

Pure Care commenced the Water Management with St Mary’s School during 2022 in where we completed an audit of their Junior School infrastructure. Post the audit work, we proceeded in proposing the re-configured municipal and borehole water reticulation infrastructure for the Junior School.

About the Water Treatment System

A single municipal/potable water ring main around the Junior School. All irrigation points in the Junior School are to be connected to Borehole (2) reticulation supply with a switch over to the other Borehole (1) reticulation supply. All 50 toilets in the Junior School are to be connected to the Borehole supply from the Storage Tanks that includes an additional 10 000 litre storage tank. All water pump systems in the borehole supply reticulation system are confirmed to be included on the St Mary’s School generator system.

Benefits and ROI

Benefits Minimal to no interruption to irrigation and toilet use when there is a municipal supply issue which has been a concern for the school management. ROI Summary Projected ROI would be within 16 months.