The Point

This shopping mall had to pump the continuous water flow from Table Mountain that accumulated in sumps in the basement to stormwater. Pure Care was approached to determine whether that water could be better utilized. A water treatment plant was designed and installed in 2018 and supplies a sufficient amount of treated water to supplement the municipal water supply. After the installation of the system, we received feedback that the water pressure at the top floors had increased significantly. The treated water met SANS 241 potable drinking standards.

About the Water Treatment System

The water pulled from the sumps is treated to a potable level and then stored in a bulk storage tank in the basement. The filtration system comprises media filtration, micron filtration, chlorine, and UV sterilizer. The system is fully automated. Pure Care takes samples as and when required.

Benefits and ROI

Increased water pressure, and water availability when council supply is not available. ROI is estimated to be achieved within 36 months.