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Young girls drink water from a canal flowing between nearby refugee camps and the main road in Peshawar, Pakistan

Water Unsafe For Drinking – News24, February 22

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The Matjhabeng Local Municipality has put out a notice concerning the discolouration of the water that is distributed to residents.

As the water services authority, Matjhabeng receives drinking water from the contracted water service provider rendering the function on behalf of the municipality.

The water service provider, Vaal Central Water Board (VCWB) advised the Matjhabeng municipality and other municipalities that receive water through the Balkfontein water line that they are experiencing challenges with their water distribution line.

The municipality has an in-house water quality monitoring programme to analyse drinking water supplied to its areas of control that has been disrupted by the ongoing protest actions by the workers.

The municipality advises the residents who rely on municipal drinking water to boil their drinking water and allow it to cool off before drinking.

Put one teaspoon (5 ml) of bleach (regular and unscented) in 25 litres of water and leave to stand for at least two hours before consuming. Always store drinking water in a clean and covered container.

The municipality is working with the bulk water service provider and investigating the discolouration of water.

For more information, contact the municipal call centre on 057-391-3911 or send a WhatsApp message to 079-885-3311.

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